Why I Love What I Do

About Me

I am passionate about helping women achieve their wellness goals and develop a love for their bodies.  I know personally what it is like to struggle with your body and how that can negatively affect all aspects of your life.

For many years I used food as not only my comfort but as a way to self-sabotage my own success.   As a teenager due to my poor food choices and emotional trauma, I became very sick and eventually diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.  At the time I did not associate my illness with my lifestyle choices, so following the recommendations of my doctors I began taking large quantities of invasive drugs and continued my life as usual.  Throughout college, I continued to gain weight, have problems with my health, and deal with the regret and low self-esteem associated with being unhappy in my body.  My body had become my bitter adversary, not my trusted ally.

In my early twenties, I started getting more interested in nutrition and fitness.  I started doing my own research on holistic wellness.  This is when I decided to get off my ulcerative colitis medication and to treat my disease with plant-based nutrition and exercise.   I immediately saw the positive effects and was able to manage my disease without medication.   Just because I knew what to do and even saw the positive changes in my health and body, this still wasn’t enough to create permanent change in my life.

I now had the knowledge to heal, but what I did not realize was that the knowledge was not enough.  Over the following years, my weight and my health began yo-yoing.  I would adopt a “diet,” begin to see results, then my underlying issues would sneak in and I would sabotage myself.  I would end up heavier and more downtrodden than I was before.

I realized that it wasn’t the “what and how” that needed to change it was the “why.”  It wasn’t until I made this shift that I started seeing permanent results.  I refused to live in denial any longer and I brought my secretive negative patterns into the light causing me to ask myself the hard questions and face the real underlying issues.  I started using the gym not only as a place I burned calories but a place that allowed me to practice the necessary skills, such as grit and building confidence, that I needed to overcome my self-destructive loops.  I began to not worry about what I was eating but why I was eating.  I started directly associating foods to my immediate energy and moods not just my long-term health.

Everybody’s journey to becoming the person they were destined to be is unique, but they all start in the same place “your body.”  Until I mastered the physical, I was always held back from my true potential.

Love Your Body… Change Your Life


May 2018

Pilates: Mat, Reformer, Apparatus Instructor Certification

May 2017

NASM Personal Training Certification

Dec 2016

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Dec 2016

Trigger Point Certification

Jun 2016

Kettlebell Athletics Level 1

Feb 2016

Pre and Post Natal Certification

Oct 2015

Original Strength

Aug 2015

NCSF Personal Training Certification


May 2011

Harvard University— Ed.M. in Prevention Science and Practice

Jan 2010

Northeastern University— B.A. in Psychology