“Working with Ellis has not only increased my physical strength and body composition (more muscle, less fat), but with her help I have run three marathons injury free (despite a history of chronic ankle issues). Ellis clearly cares very much about her clients and it shows. She lives to celebrate the victories her clients achieve, whether in fitness or in life. I greatly appreciate all that Ellis has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future.”


“I originally sought Ellis out because I wanted to get fit and lose weight for my daughters wedding in 2017. I have been seeing her ever since because I really enjoy working out with her. She is always kind and very supportive, with whatever my health and work out needs are. We work on strength and endurance training. She’ll text me and remind me to walk, eat well, and stay motivated daily which works well for me. She keeps me accountable with weekly weigh ins. Ellis is a very knowledgeable personal trainer and would recommend her to anyone looking to get fit and healthy!”


“Ellis is an amazing trainer. She is patient, supportive, flexible, friendly… the list goes on. She has also become a great friend, supporting me to achieve my goals mentally and physically.
She pushes me to do what is right for me! She goes above and beyond what other trainers have done for me – offering daily check-ins, Inbody scans, nutrition guidance. I highly recommend Ellis!”



“In Ellis, I got more than a trainer, I got someone who I consider a friend that is genuinely interested in my well-being inside and outside of the gym. I really love that she comes from a place of education. She helped me do things the right way, and could also keep me informed about not just the “how” of exercising but the “why” for specific movements and routines. I liked that there was always clear and consistent communication so that we could adjust things based on stricter goals around holidays or my pregnancy. After working with Ellis, I find that I make better food decisions and realize there are healthier substitutes for many foods. Ellis actively engages me each quarter to come up with new goals. I’ve never had arm, back, and shoulder muscles before! It’s great to have gained strength and be leaner, while gaining flexibility.“